Tuesday, November 27, 2007

She's Gone

We have sold our beloved travel companion, Maia. It was back in September that Craig's cell phone rang with the news. We were still traveling home, on our stop in Hawaii. In fact, Evvy had just done her first real long board surf at the break called Canoes in in Waikiki. Before Craig had even toweled off the water from this mid-day surf session, the cell phone was ringing. The number calling started with a "61" plus a lot of other numbers, had to be Australia calling. The broker was conveying an offer. At first, Craig could not remember what price we were asking. It turned out that the offer was exactly what we paid for the boat, so we took it!

The buyer needed more than a month to organize a trip up to the see Maia, and complete the sale. He was living in Sydney, so it was a few thousand miles for him to travel. A few days ago, it all turned out OK. The buyer was "extremely pleased" with Maia, according to our broker. No further negotiations, the sale was done. We are looking forward to completing the sale so we can find a home to buy in downtown Oakland, using the proceeds from this sale. We are looking forward to getting our new (to us) boat for the SF Bay again. That is different story to come. For now, we want to wrap up our Australia trip, to let you all know that it worked out. We came, we sailed, we sold, and it all worked out. Thanks to all for your love and support in this trip. We look forward to cruising again, before too long.

Craig, Evvy and Dave