Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good-bye to Maia

We said good-bye to Maia yesterday (sigh). Thanks to Sonya's help, the move went smoothly. We drove up to Airlie yesterday afternoon and plan to stay near the Whitsundays until we take off for Sydney tomorrow. Things are changing pretty quick in our world. (Unfortunately, we are back to using the internet at public spots, so no pictures for this post.) It is great to be back near so many of our sailing friends, but weird not to have our little floating home. We made our transition a little easier today by mailing home a big box of boat gear that we won't need while couch surfing.

Although our time on the boat has ended (sniff) we are still traveling. Before we head home we're set to visit Noumea, New Caledonia, starting Sept 23 and Honolulu Oct 2. We'll be back home on the 9th, ready to go back to work on Oct 15.

Thanks to all of our friends and family for supporting us through yet another transition. We have enjoyed our sailing time, but are looking forward to being home to see friends, get to work, and get back to the sights, sounds and tastes of California.


Pete said...

Sad to see the journey nearing an end, but happy that it resulted in such a great adventure for you both.

Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Living viacariously through you has made the day-to day blah easier to manage.

Thanks again, and hope to see you soon!
Pete, Kelly & Cameron

kathleen said...

wow, it's coming to a close and you are almost back? how'd that happen. I too am back in the Bay Area so we have to catch up over a pint after you get settled back in!

cora said...

ok kids.....where are you? somewhere between new caledonia and hawaii? or already in hawaii by now i think. throw us blog addicts a bone! hope you're having a blast working your way home!!! xoxo cpc